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28 Oct

Worship and Meetings

Posted in Uncategorized on 28.10.10 by Merlyn

I just got done reading a book on the missional leader by Alan Roxburgh. It was an amazing book and a must read for anyone in church ministry/leadership today. I walked away challenged, encouraged, supported and with some ideas. We are called to be missional leaders and we are also called to be a missional church. In some ways I feel like I am re-learning how to lead all over again, which is both good and bad. I look forward to reflecting on this book and sharing quotes in this blog as well.

Moving on to my topic for this week, worship and meetings. We work hard to keep our worship services to a certain time (usually an hour) which has always bugged me because it feels a bit consumeristic and we really should be worshipping as long as we want/need to. I then realized how much time I spend in meetings, or even one type of meeting. Some of these meetings can be 3-5 hours in length which means in a given month I spend more time in this meeting than in worship. Does this seem backwards? Does this speak to our priorities? Should we re-evaluate how we spend our time in order to be a missional church?

Just some things I am pondering.

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