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19 Oct

Support Matters

Posted in Uncategorized on 19.10.19 by Merlyn

One of the major issues for pastors, especially in terms of longevity is receiving support. Support is important to all leaders. It needs to be seen, heard and experienced. Support has to be tangible especially in seasons of discouragement, high stress and high expectation. October is pastor appreciation month in an attempt to help with support. I think fewer than 5% of people in a church recognize this at all. This year, I have decided to post a word of support for a different pastor or ministry leader I know each day in October. Support and encouragement matter. We all need it. This is especially true in ministry where expectations and demands are high, encouragement and positive feedback are minimal and stress and trauma are a part of the job. Be sure to show the pastors and staff in your church tangible support in any way that you can!

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