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15 Mar

Reflecting on Change

Posted in Uncategorized on 15.03.15 by Merlyn

I have found myself reflecting quite a bit on change recently. Perhaps it’s the focus of Lent, the season of my life or the reality that change is the most complex thing that I deal with as a leader, pastor and parent. I have shared some thoughts over the past couple years on change as I learn more. In some sense, I had hoped to be able to write an eloquent blog on change that would summarize some of the key thoughts and principles I have wrestled with as a change novice. While I have felt compelled the write, the eloquence has lacked. With that in mind, I decided to offer my current thoughts on change in bullet form.


  1. Change is essential. As individuals, families and organizations. Change or die.
  2. Change is hard, especially lasting change.
  3. Change always elicits a response and in most cases there is a combination of positive and negative responses to varying degrees.
  4. People do not resist change; they resist loss.
  5. I claim to love change, but if I am honest I love change that I create, control, see coming or had been hoping for, but change outside of that can be uncomfortable.
  6. The greatest challenge and most fulfilling form of change that a leader can bring is cultural change. It has the greatest long-term impact.
  7. We often fail to talk about why (or why not) to change.
  8. If we focus on the ‘what’ or ‘how’ of change, we often misfire.
  9. One of the greatest challenges to change is pace. We must lead change at a pace that brings discomfort, but also a pace that people can handle.
  10. Healthy, clear and transparent process is essential to healthy, effective change.
  11. Change for change sake is rarely a good idea.
  12. The best change is transformational and rooted in vision.
  13. Transformation is most likely to stick when no one wants to go back.
  14. Transformation comes in changing culture.
  15. Fear is the biggest deterrent to change.
  16. A lack of vision is also a big deterrent to change.
  17. Significant change requires ownership, commitment and a clear mission, vision and strategy.
  18. The more significant the change, the deeper the resolve must be.
  19. We must live the change we want to see.
  20. Change must start with the leader; nothing will change unless we change.
  21. “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.” – Steve Jobs
  22. Change is constant.
  23. Sometimes changes happens to us. Other times it happens because of us. Change comes in spite of us, but change can also come through us.
  24. Change must have a purpose.
  25. Communication is essential to change.

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