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13 Nov


Posted in Uncategorized on 13.11.17 by Merlyn

One of the things that I have learned and noticed lately is the power that distractions play in a church or any organization and their impact on the ministry and work of the organization along with its staff and leaders. Its important in ministry to address any issues that arise, weather concerns, complaints, questions, conflict, misunderstandings, misinformation etc. Its important that all people are heard and cared for to the best and most reasonable sense of our ability to do so. That said as we do those things and address things that arise, it is easy to allow those items to pile up and distract you from the mission and work of the ministry. It is often so subtle, you do not notice it or see it coming. It takes intentional attention and awareness. This of course is much easier said than done, the line is fine and the balance is awkward. If our ministries get too focused on the small things and the distractions, their health, purpose and effectiveness will be impacted, so it is certainly important that leaders are attentive.

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