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14 Mar

Five key tools for leaders: Teachability

Posted in Uncategorized on 14.03.16 by Merlyn

Leadership is tricky. Good leadership can be illusive and there are no set factors that will help someone be a great leader in all circumstances and contexts. As I think about the great leaders I have seen, worked with, read, listened to and learned from as well a handful of moments of good leadership on my part, I have noticed 5 key things all leaders have (and need). After sharing them in this post, I will write about each specifically in future posts.

The five things that I believe all leaders need are:





-A Focus on Christ & Kingdom

Great leaders are teachable. They never stop learning, are always willing to grow and learn and they are open to feedback. To be teachable simple means that you are willing to listen, learn and grow. As leaders, we must continually learn. Teachability is required in order to lead well. It must be modeled as leaders create future leaders. I have always said, give me someone who is teachable and anything is possible.

Leaders recognize that learning happens in live time. Experiences, successes and failures can be great teachers. Fans and foes are great teachers. Supervisors and those you supervise can be great teachers. No leader is above learning or being teachable from any individual, experience or source. In order to be an effective, missional leader you must be able to move forward as a leader as you lead your organization forward. This is impossible without teachability.

With a teachable spirit, anything is possible.

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