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15 Feb


Posted in Uncategorized on 15.02.14 by Merlyn

It did not take long into my ministry career to recognize that Pastors and other church and Christian leaders are on a pedestal of sorts. While this has its downsides, it also has roots in scripture as well. It is clear in reading the scriptures that leaders are called to a higher standard. While the fairness of this should not be debated, the nature and quality of the standard has been and will continue to be debated. There is a difference however between placing a leader on a pedestal and expecting them to live up to a higher standard. Placing a leader on a pedestal has some inherit dangers both for leaders and followers. For leaders, it prevents them from being authentic or even human, creates unrealistic expectations and magnifies sin in a way that is often inconsistent with the scriptures. For the followers, it often leads to idol worship, can skew their image of God, limits their ability to build a meaningful, transforming relationship with leaders and models for them an unrealistic expectation in their own life and relationship with Jesus.
We must call our leaders to higher standards with high accountability and support. It would also benefit the church greatly if we were to allow leaders to be as authentic as is appropriate as this will avoid the pedestal mentality and lead to greater growth and relationship amongst all. I have learned much in the first 8 months in my role as a lead pastor. Many of these learning’s have been a surprise, while others have not. In the midst of learning through happenstance, success, failure and ultimately the movement of the spirit I am thankful. Above all else, I am thankful for the graciousness of my church, its leaders and people. I have been given the freedom to be authentic and have received encouragement, accountability and support. Most of all, I have been given the gift of grace. So often many of those in my church have been gracious to me, even though I may not have deserved it. It has helped me to become a better leader and Christ follower. It has also created greater relationship and growth for us all. Finally, it has deepened my understanding and practice of grace in all areas of my life.

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