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13 Feb

Five key tools for leaders: Trust

Posted in Uncategorized on 13.02.16 by Merlyn

Leadership is tricky. Good leadership can be illusive and there are no set factors that will help someone be a great leader in all circumstances and contexts. As I think about the great leaders I have seen, worked with, read, listened to and learned from as well a handful of moments of good leadership on my part, I have noticed 5 key things all leaders have (and need). After sharing them in this post, I will write about each specifically in future posts.

The five things that I believe all leaders need are:





-A Focus on Christ & Kingdom

Great leaders need to trust God. They need to trust others and they need to earn, build and honor the trust of those they lead. Trust is the cornerstone of all relationships. Work relationships, friendships, marriages, family, church and all other relationships function on trust. Trust is not optional, it is essential, especially for leaders. Developing trust takes intentional, hard, authentic work. It takes time, patience and genuine care, communication and transparency. Trust is deeply personal, yet distrust should not always be taken personally. Trust can only be formed in relationship and is impossible without integrity.

Leaders must also to learn how to trust those they lead with and serve. Trust is much deeper than words or lip service, it requires intentional effort and action. We cannot lead well and equip others to lead without trusting them. Trust is most certainly a two way street.

Perhaps most importantly, leaders must trust God. Trusting God is our one great act as Christ followers. God does the rest; God saves, redeems, justifies, sanctifies, transforms, leads etc. In fact, we cannot trust God on our own effort, it requires the initiation and work of the Holy Spirit.

Trust is essential to all leaders, without it one cannot lead well, if at all.

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