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15 Aug

Why I’m in Ministry

Posted in Uncategorized on 15.08.16 by Merlyn

I am in the habit of being reflective and as of late I have been reflecting on why it is I am in ministry. There was no particular event that caused this reflection, however recent events have made this reflection very helpful. I love people. I am a people person as they say and have a high value on relationships. I find people interesting, enjoyable and a reflection of God. I enjoy working with people, talking with people, interacting with people, being in relationship with people and much more. Thats the way God created me. My wife often reminds me that I was created to do ministry. Even in its difficult moments as well as its frustrating moments, this is clear even if I do not see it at the time. I wholeheartedly love investing in the lives of people. I love seeing people grow, learn and be transformed. Its my personal mission to see that everyone I love, know and encounter experiences transformation in Jesus. That transformation may be small, significant or somewhere in between. I may have no part in that transformation, a small part or maybe a significant part to play. I recognize though that no transformation happens by my own effort or the effort of anyone other than God. That said, I am always thankful to be used by God, to be a part of that and to partner with God in that transformation. I am often asked in some of the more difficult situations that I face, how I do it. I do it because God has created and called me to this. I do it only by and through the power and grace of God. Its only possible because of what the Holy Spirit is doing. I simply show up, trust God and put forth my best effort to align myself with what the Holy Spirit is saying and doing. Its not always easy, its not always fun, but in the end it is always a joy. In the end, there is no greater honor than walking with people in their moments of great joy and celebration as well as their moments of great suffering and pain.

Why am I in ministry?

Because its exactly what I was made by God to do and be.

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