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12 Mar


Posted in Uncategorized on 12.03.14 by Merlyn

Practice what you preach. Easier said that done and this statement often comes at a time when we are least receptive. I have found myself as a result of my doctoral journey (and for other reasons) preaching a lot more on trust. Trust, like many other things is easier to preach about than it is to live. That said, our one great act is to trust God. It’s the one thing we do, God does the rest. We cannot even trust God without God’s help. As I made a big transition in the past year I found myself having to learn to trust more than ever before. It also came a little easier, although not less painful. Trusting was actually incredibly freeing. I recognized the need to do it more. Now that I find myself in a new setting, I am leading others in their trust of God. I am challenging the church to consider where we need to trust God the most. As we figure that out, I have found that we all have a little nervousness about small and large steps that we might be taking that require trusting God. In the midst of the nervousness, I know it is the right thing and I have to remind myself and others that trust will not only lead to the results that God wants for us all, but will also in the end be very, very freeing.

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