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11 Aug

Continued Learning

Posted in Uncategorized on 11.08.17 by Merlyn

Having spent a little less than a week at the national denominational gathering for one of the denominations in which I am ordained and served, it was a good opportunity to once again evaluate continued learning and the priority it has in my life. It was only my second time at this event as it is costly and often occurs during the Willow Creek Leadership Summit which is a fantastic leadership event. For me, I love learning and I love being with colleagues. It sharpens, encourages and refreshes. Time away from church and family is precious as are church funds and expense budgets. That, in the end often dictates my own decision making when it comes to these events. For me, I have come to want and need a high quality interaction and experience that builds both me and the Kingdom. If it is not, I tend to make a less frequent obligatory experience. I am in a place where I need to plan these things ahead to use my time wisely each year, but am thankful for so many great opportunities.

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