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11 Sep

The ‘what if’ of vision

Posted in Uncategorized on 11.09.14 by Merlyn

Leadership is a great joy and a great challenge. Its not rocket science, but it is most certainly difficult. Like much of what Jesus has and says to us (follow me, love God, others and self, deny yourself etc.) we can easily understand these words and ideas, but to live them out is a wholly different thing. In fact it is a ‘holy’ different thing, even in the church. Being the Senior Leader in my church and organization has been a blessing. It has also been challenging, surprising, life-giving, formational and much more. Recently as I was reflecting on my approach to ministry, church leadership and vision, I had a thought that caused significant, deep reflection for me. What if what I am doing, how I am leading, the vision I have does not work? Honestly, the way in which I am doing things is not rocket science. Neither my ideas nor myself are particularly special, earth shaking or charismatic, yet they are unusual, rare and unconventional even though they should not be.  What if it does not work? The truth is that this is the challenge with vision. Yet, what would it look like if it ‘worked.’ Does that mean greater numbers, budget or acclaim? Is it a book deal, a new building or some other amazing news worthy item? Or, is it simply spiritual growth of the community, pursuing Christ and living out the Kingdom in our best, healthiest and most faithful way? The truth is that any leader, any program and any vision could fail. That is scary. Equally as frightening is the reality that any leader, any program and any vision could succeed. In the end, it is vision, faithfulness, integrity and obedience to the Spirit that matters most; not any measure of failure or success. It will be interesting to see what God does and continues to do as I seek to be the best Christ-follower and leader that I can be and as I learn and fall more in love with Jesus along the way.

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