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21 Oct

Pastor Appreciation Month

Posted in Uncategorized on 21.10.20 by Merlyn

When I was serving as a pastor in a church setting, I always felt a little awkward about pastor appreciation month (October). I enjoyed being appreciated and every human needs to experience some appreciation, but I never did this work for appreciation. There were some years where I received a lot of appreciation and others where I received little to none. Those years could be hard because it made you wonder and question no matter how hard you tried.

This year feels different. Its the first year where I am focused on caring for and supporting pastors. Its the hardest time to be a pastor ever. Pastors are people and they are struggling with the same issues the rest of us are in this difficult season. Added to this is a need to learn new skills, work more, be online and help people through their own struggles in this hard season in the country and the world.

If that were not enough, people are getting a lot more vicious towards pastors in this season of anxiety. I am seeing pastors be mistreated in a way that I never have before.

It turns out they are also getting less appreciation than usual at a time where they need it even more. Its a perfect storm for losing pastors all around the country. 

Pastors are having a hard time. They are weary, They are burdened. Show them some appreciation.

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