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07 May


Posted in Uncategorized on 07.05.11 by Merlyn

There seem to be times, phases and seasons of ministry that require varying levels of energy. Additionally there seem to be times, phases, and seasons of ministry that produce energy while others produce tiredness. Right now, I feel like life is like the rainy day in the picture above. Ministry is good and things are not particularly tiring or difficult right now, but as I approach the end of the school year I find myself feeling very tired. Maybe it is a result of the end of the school year or just a byproduct of ending one season of ministry and preparing for the summer season. Perhaps the issue is that I need a vacation. I often take all of my vacation at once and now that I have four weeks, I might want to reconsider that approach. I lead a full and busy life and I do not often rest. While I am not worried about it, I want to be sure to be attentive to it and think about what it really means.

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