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15 Sep

Product Review-Greater

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Published at Youthworker Online (A part of Youthworker Journal)

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Greater Product Pack


This product included Steven Furtick’s new book, Greater, a DVD and discussion guide. The book is well done and very motivating. I could see it used for adults, young adults, or more mature high school youth. It too comes with discussion questions. The DVD and discussion guide are meant to compliment the book, but can also be used independently. The discussion guide is also well done, although it may be geared towards more mature believers and older youth/young adults. The DVD is phenomenal and can be used in almost any youth ministry or adult ministry setting in the church. The best use of this product for a youth ministry would be for the youth leader to get all three pieces, read the book and then use the DVD for youth group or small groups. I would recommend utilizing the discussion guide and the book for small group or youth group discussion along with the video. Greater can motivate anyone to a God sized vision and help provide the confidence needed to achieve those visions.

Rev. Marcus J Carlson has worked with children and youth for over 14 years and is a spiritual director. He current serves as Associate Pastor at Bethel Lutheran Church in Colorado Springs, CO. (

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