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03 Mar

I dream of a church

Posted in Uncategorized on 03.03.11 by Merlyn

One of my closest friends, Tim Founds has been keeping a journal of ideas, dreams etc related to the church and what the church could be. He has started blogging them (you can follow him here) and I find that many of them are things that the church needs to hear. Some are new ideas to me, but beyond the ideas themselves, it is a great concept. What should we be dreaming for the church? What should the church be and become?

Here are some of Tim’s first entries:

1.Everyone is connected (every person is connected with multiple other people).
2.Every person serves in some tangible, consistent way.
3.We have classes (on Sundays, but also at other times) for adults where they not only interact, but actually learn. For example: a school of theology, a school of missions, a school of art and creativity.
4.Children are valued. We learn from them and let them lead us in worship. Children and youth are the church now, not the church of the future.
5.We have frequent cookouts and picnics for the surrounding neighborhoods.
6.We take two weeks off during the summer to road-trip as a church.
7.Art and creativity are stressed.
8.The congregation/community is intentionally intergenerational.

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